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Helping customers by becoming their supply chain manager

As a supply chain manager we help customer through the manufacturing of processed items, 3D steel work and steel structures.

Customer problems

  • We invest significant time into commissioned multi-process operations, including into both quality and delivery management.
  • It has now become difficult and time-consuming to reduce procurement costs by getting quotations from multiple suppliers.
  • We are unable to fully plan for business continuity, considering disasters, country risks, the discontinuation of suppliers, and other contingencies, and we do not have a workload that can be divided.
  • Due to our limited processing capacity, we are unable to respond to fluctuations in demand.
  • We have several projects and we do not know who we should consult to move them forward.
  • Orders fluctuate and processing equipment is idle at times.

AMRON is capable of providing solutions. What is behind this strength?

One-stop services

We offer all-inclusive services including design, the procurement of steel materials, primary and secondary processing, 3D steel working and coating as well as process and quality management.


Focus on customer needs

We believe that being based on need is in our corporate DNA. In our sales activities, we focus on solving the problems of our customers. Our large number of sales personnel are experienced in quality and process management for 3D steel work and steel structures.


Strength in making proposals

We continuously offer value engineering proposals to customers in many different industrial sectors. We have expertise and experience accumulated for more than 70 years since the foundation.


Reciprocal relationships

To us, reciprocal relationships are relationships with customers in which we buy and sell items to each other. We will build relationships through reciprocal consultation regarding processing and properties for addressing fluctuations of business and orders together.


A strong supply chain network

We work with a large network of processing contractors that we maintain reciprocal relationships with across the country. That allows us to select or add proper processing contractors according to the circumstances and to make proposals on a backup system. We are prepared to provide ample processing capacity and to respond to any inquiry.

Business Hours:
9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. weekdays
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