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Proposing environmental treatment solutions that are human- and environmentally friendly

We propose environmental measures and treatments that are both environmentally friendly and human-friendly, identifying solutions through consulting services examining development, manufacturing, sales, treatment and surveys of materials for soil and water pollution control.

Customer problems

  • Although new regulation have come into effect, we have failed to take needed environmental measures and we are concerned about health hazards.
  • We are unable to meet new, strict regulations.
  • We have no idea what treatment method is appropriate, taking into consideration the current state of pollution.
  • The treatment of industrial waste is costly.
  • We have yet to identify a solution to the problem of disposal sites nearing the end of their capacity.

AMRON is capable of providing solutions. What is behind this strength?

Custom development

As an environmental material manufacturer, our large number of full-time researchers enable us to develop custom products suited for different states of pollution.


Strength in making proposals

Our many employees are familiar with environmental regulations. As consultants on environmental measures, we can propose measures suited to diverse environmental risks from every perspective.


One-stop services

We are an environmental material manufacturer as well as a consultant on environmental measures. We are able to provide one-stop services encompassing everything from product development to treatment.


Patents for jointly developed technologies

We hold many patents for technologies that are capable of detoxifying pollutants. We engage in joint research and development with major electric power companies and major construction companies. Many projects all over the country have applied these technologies.


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