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Helping customers with smooth, safe on-site operations

We sell different steel and other materials and processed items for construction and civil engineering work and draft, produce and conduct on-site work under comprehensive contracts. Through this, we help achieve smooth and safe operations on construction sites.

Customer problems

  • It is always our goal to quickly provide project budgets, but consideration and estimation take time, with all of the many business types and details involved.
  • Placing orders is labor- and time-consuming because of the many business types and details.
  • As the on-site circumstances change every moment, it is difficult to carry out process and quality management.
  • We do not know the estimated price before bidding.
  • Estimated prices sometimes do not meet our budget.
  • We are short of management staff.
  • We are struggling to meet new, stricter safety management standards.
  • Business continuity planning, including plans for suppliers, is difficult.

AMRON is capable of providing solutions. What is behind this strength?

One-stop services

We provide all-inclusive services including design studies, drawings, the procurement of steel materials, processing (from temporary construction to the main body of work) and construction as well as process and quality management.


Focus on customer needs

We believe that being based on need is in our corporate DNA. In our sales activities, we focus on solving the problems of our customers. Our large number of sales personnel have significant construction site experience to provide services matched to ever-changing on-site circumstances.


Strength in making proposals

Based on our extensive array of products supported by our board procurement network developed over more than 70 years since the company’s founding, we are capable of proposing solutions examined from every perspective. Our accumulated expertise and experience enables us to continue to propose value engineering solutions including NETIS products.


Reciprocal relationships

To us, reciprocal relationships are relationships with customers in which we buy and sell items to each other.
We will build relationships through reciprocal consultation regarding processing and properties for addressing fluctuations of business and orders together.


Products handled

Comprehensive building materials and civil engineering items
Processed reinforcing bars, deck plates, different kinds of joints and other products
A distributor of Okabe Co., Ltd.: Basepack, OS rings, slit materials and other products
A distributor of Nippon Chuzo K.K.: NC base systems
A distributor of Sansei Inc.: G-ECS piles
A member of the System Building Society organized by NST System Buildings Co., Ltd.
Construction (reinforcement installation, reinforcing frame work, pile driving, pile head reinforcement, column base work, deck work, roof works and other types of construction)
Steel sheet piles, lightweight steel sheet piles, steel pipe piles, steel pipe sheet piles, steel materials for temporary construction, decks, liner plates, head bars, slit dams, reinforced earth, cover plates and corrugated pipes
Steel frame construction (a steel frame manufacturing plant recognized as Grade M by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (Notice No. 542-1 of the Director of the Building Guidance Division, Housing Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)
Reinforcement installation, reinforcing frame work, pile driving, pile head reinforcement, column base work, deck work, roof work and other types of construction
Business Hours:
9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. weekdays
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