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Basic Guidelines concerning the Protection of Personal Information

AMRON Co., Ltd. (the “Company”) regards personal information as important personal assets and believes that all persons who are engaged in duties at the Company must comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (Personal Information Protection Act) and the Japanese Industrial Standards “Personal information protection management system – Requirements” (JIS Q 15001). We shall properly and securely handle personal information to protect customer information and maintain their trust and confidence.

  1. The Company shall assign a person in charge at each division or department that handles customers’ personal information (the “Personal Information”). Said person shall conduct appropriate management of the Personal Information.
  2. When the Company acquires the Personal Information from a customer, it shall specify in advance the purpose for which the Personal Information is intended to be used as much as possible. We shall obtain the Personal Information within the scope necessary for the intended use and explicitly indicate the point of contact of the Company to the customer.
  3. The Company shall appropriately manage the Personal Information obtained from a customer and shall make no provision, disclosure, etc. of the Personal Information to any third party other than the companies regarding which the customer’s consent is obtained in advance.
  4. The Company shall ensure that the companies to be provided with the Personal Information upon obtaining the customer’s consent in accordance with 3. above shall be bound by the contractual obligations of not divulging or offering the Personal Information to any other party and implementing proper management of the Personal Information.
  5. The Company may provide a customer with information about the Company’s services or products and services of affiliated companies that may be useful to the customer by means of electronic mail, postal mail or telephone.  A customer may request the suspension or recommencement of the handling of such information provision, using the method prescribed by the Company elsewhere.
  6. If a customer wishes to make inquiries, revisions, etc. of his/her own Personal Information, he/she should contact the point of contact of the Company and the Company shall deal with the request in a prompt and reasonable manner.
  7. The Company shall comply with laws and regulations and rules applicable to the Personal Information held by the Company and shall review and improve the initiatives stipulated in the paragraphs above in an appropriate manner.

Handling of access information on the website

On this website, we record customers’ access log information using Google Analytics.
Said information shall not be used for any other purpose than the purpose of keeping track of how the website is being used.

Google Analytics uses technology called Cookie to collect traffic data. Information obtained by using this technology is [information that identifies browsers] used by customers and is not for identifying specific individuals. A user can set the browser to block cookies, but we recommend that a user accept cookies for optimal use.

For methods of collecting and using access information by Google Analytics, please refer to Google Analytics’ general Terms of Service and Google’s general Privacy Policy on the following pages.

Google Analytics’ general Terms of Service :
Google’s general Privacy Policy :

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