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Providing customers with more comfortable manufacturing environments

We provide one-stop services ranging from the introduction of equipment to labor-saving designs for plant lines, sales, repair and maintenance to provide manufacturing environments with greater comfort to customers in the manufacturing sector.

Customer problems

  • We need to find a solution with the price, quality and capacity that is best suited to us. It is difficult to choose since there are so many manufacturers to choose from.
  • Lack of knowledge about appropriate pricing creates difficulties in negotiations. After receiving quotations from multiple possible suppliers, it is difficult to compare them. It is time-consuming to negotiate pricing with individual manufacturers.
  • We once experienced problems due to poor maintenance services.
  • The design of production lines that include many industrial machines involves communication with numerous operators, including the sections for the handling of materials. It was unfamiliar to us and there was a lot of risk.
  • We have no idea what new technologies can be utilized.
  • We do not understand any of the details of environmental regulations and have difficulty taking actions to comply with them.

AMRON is capable of providing solutions. What is behind this strength?

Strength in making proposals

We have accumulated expertise and experience, proven by our transactions with customers in the food manufacturing and many other industrial sectors. We have years of experience in trading with a wide verity of manufacturers.


Quick maintenance

We have dedicated, experienced maintenance staff always on standby and capable of quickly responding.


One-stop service for plant line design and equipment

We provide one-stop services for production lines, including the selection of machines and combinations of machines suited to customers’ wishes and our independent design and manufacturing of material handling systems.


Cutting-edge expertise

We maintain up-to-date knowledge on trends, topics and the latest equipment across many industries.

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