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Playing a part in the creation of a recycling-oriented society

We are playing a role in the creation of a recycling-oriented society
through our business of recycling the ash generated by power plants and waste incineration plants.

Customer problems

  • We are considering operating a power generation business but the ash problem remains unsolved.
  • We have difficulty meeting new, strict regulations.
  • The cost of treating hazardous waste is high.
  • We have yet to identify a solution to the problem of disposal sites nearing the end of their capacity.

AMRON is capable of providing solutions. What is behind this strength?

Custom development

As an environmental material manufacturer with many full-time researchers, we are capable of developing products customized for individual hazardous waste substances.


Strength in making proposals

Our large staff is familiar with environmental regulations. As a consultant on environmental measures, we are ready to propose measures suited to our customers’ diverse, specific environmental risks.


One-stop services

We are an environmental material manufacturer as well as a consultant on environmental measures. We are able to provide one-stop services encompassing everything from product development to treatment.


Patents for independently developed technologies

We have independently obtained a patent for a technology for detoxifying hazardous waste, such as ash or sludge.


Joint research

We also engage in joint research with a national university for the development of applications for detoxified hazardous waste.


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