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Corporate Profile

Company Name Sekizen Co., Ltd.
Date Established May 29, 1974
Capital 10 million yen
Location 742-7 Kozai-Honmachi, Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa Prefecture, 761-8012 Japan
Nonferrous Metal Business Division
Recycle Business Divison
Officers Kazuo Iwasaki, CEO
Yoshiro Miyamoto, Director
Naoki Iwasaki, Director
  • Industrial waste collection and transport business licenses
  • Takamatsu City Government (License No. 09710077491)
  • Kagawa Prefectural Government (License No. 03703077491)
  • Tokushima Prefectural Government (License No. 3610077491)
  • Ehime Prefectural Government (License No. 3805077491)
  • Hyogo Prefectural Government (License No. 02809077491)
  • Kochi Prefectural Government (License No. 03900077491)
  • Okayama Prefectural Government (License No. 03300077491)
  • Osaka Prefectural Government (License No. 02700077491)
  • Industrial waste disposal business license
  • Takamatsu City Government (License No. 09720077491)
  • Registered by Kagawa prefectural governor for demolition work (tou-5) No. 236


Nonferrous Metal Business Division

Non-ferrous Metal Business Division
Comprehensive sales of stainless steel products, aluminum, copper, titanium, HASTELLOY alloys and different special metals, abrasive machining, different types of bending, beveling, leveler machining, drilling and others
Engineering business
Design and production of plant-related products in steel-related businesses

Recycle Business Divison

Industrial waste disposal business
Collection, transport and intermediate treatment of industrial waste


1974 The non-ferrous department of Kagawa Kozai Co., Ltd. is spun off as Sekizen Co., Ltd.
1985 Relocated to a new office at Kozai-Hommachi in the city of Takamatsu
2001 Commences the industrial waste disposal business

Recycle Business Divison

Sorting and recycling of construction waste

The Recycle Business Divison of Sekizen Co., Ltd. collects all construction waste from residential home construction sites to sort it and input it into the recycling stream.
It supports customers’ waste management and ISO 14001 activities leveraging the latest data management, for example, using electronic waste manifest documents.

Aiming for zero emissions

Zero emissions is the concept proposed by the United Nations University in 1994 for the creation of a recycling society. The goal is to reduce waste to zero by effectively utilizing the by-products and waste emitted by businesses as resources for other businesses to circulate resources throughout society. The Recycle Business Divison of Sekizen Co., Ltd. properly treats and recycles industrial waste to minimize its impact on the natural environment and to enable the sustainable development of society. As a part of these actions, Sekizen is working towards achievement of zero emissions by taking on a contract to recycle and reuse all of the construction waste of a large housing manufacturer.

Our construction waste recycling system

Our construction waste recycling system

Our construction waste recycling system


Items handled

Plastic waste, paper waste, rubber waste, debris, wood waste, fiber waste, scrap metals, glass waste, concrete waste, ceramic waste, cinders, soot, and sludge (limited to inorganic sludge with a water content of up to 85% and dry cell waste), slag and waste oil

Storage and transshipment site

742-2 & -8 Kozai-Hommachi, Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa Prefecture
308-1 Rimbo, Takao, Donari-cho, Awa-shi, Tokushima Prefecture

Intermediate treatment plant

742-2 & -8 Kozai-Hommachi, Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa Prefecture (Crushing: Wood waste, paper waste and fiber waste)

Waste sorting and storage boxes in consideration of space, appearance and anti-splash sheets

The waste sorting and storage boxes we deliver are designed to help customers sort their waste more smoothly in consideration of utility, the space necessary for installation, and composite use. Equipped with anti-splash sheets to prevent waste from flying around, they can be used in the many diverse situations that customers face.

Installed for sorting

Combined use with other boxes

Anti-splash sheets

Used in a logistical warehouse

Installed in the factory material storage area

Installed in a factory


Collection and transport base

Recycling of municipal solid waste

Do you have any trouble properly disposing of unwanted household goods as you are taking care of the belongings of a relative who has passed away, or for any other reason?
Sekizen Co., Ltd. also recycles and reuses unwanted household items, utilizing specialist advisors certified by the Association of Dispositions Mement. Feel free to contact us.
Also contact us to inquire about fees for the collection and disposal of waste.

Business Hours:
9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. weekdays
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